Emmett and Bowen therapist for horses, people and dogs - Rebecca Cooper, Melbourne, VictoriaRebecca has been an avid horse rider since being introduced to donkeys on the beach in England aged 2. She has owned horses since the age of 12 and worked as a riding instructor, thoroughbred stud groom and stable hand after leaving school.

Chronic pain resulting from an accident with a young horse led her to investigate complementary therapies as a potential source of relief.

“Horse riders can carry some bad injuries” says Rebecca “and my own pain from an accident at the age of 17 eventually took me to a Bowen Therapist who started to look at my body holistically, rather than just the bit that hurt.”

This started her interest in complementary therapies and how they can help the body.

Gemma - the dog who started Rebecca's Bowen and Emmett journiesWhen a dog called Gemma came into her life and needed regular treatments Rebecca started studying Bowen Therapy.

In 2014 Rebecca attended a course on The Emmett Technique.

"Meeting Ross Emmett showed me how quickly and easily pain and discomfort can be relieved using his technique and the body brought back into balance. I just had to learn more!"

Now Rebecca is an Emmett Technique Practitioner for people and an Emmett4Horses Practitioner, Instructor and Practitioner Accreditor.

She is also a Bowen Therapist for people, horses and small animals.

She lives and treats in Pakenham, Victoria and teaches throughout Victoria and New Zealand.

yoz rebeccaQualifications

  • The Emmett Technique – Practitioner
  • EMM-Tech - Instructor
  • Emmett4Horses – Practitioner
  • Emmett4Horses – Instructor – Practitioner course and short course (Victoria and New Zealand)
  • Emmett4Horses Practitioner Accreditor
  • Bowen Therapy ISBT Human Bowen Therapist- Foundation Course and Advanced Level 1 & 2
  • Bowen Therapy Diploma in Human Bowen Therapy - Smart Bowen
  • ISBT - Equine Bowen Therapist
  • ISBT - Canine Bowen Therapist

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