As Emmett corrections or Bowen moves are performed on people, horses or dogs, restrictions in muscles, fascia, tendons and ligaments are released, allowing the body to return to its correct state.

One of the best ways to illustrate how powerful these therapies are is to show the body's reaction immediately following a correction.

Increasing blood flow to the legsOur first photo shows the response of the level one Emmett 4 Horses correction on the shoulder.

As the shoulder muscles and fascia relaxes, it allows circulation to increase and we can clearly see which areas were being impacted by some sort of restriction as blood flow increases to the upper leg.


Improving blood flow in the neck In this photo, we can see the effect of releasing neck muscles to allow for greater blood flow through them. 

Skeletal muscles are striated (striped) in appearance, so when they are released (or 'reset') the result is a striped appearance, or in this case, diamonds!

The effect usually only lasts a minute or two, sometimes just seconds.


Increased blood flow after an Emmett correctionHere we can see how a horse's hind leg has responded to releasing restrictions up in the stifle area.