Meet Rusty, the little horse that could not bend his neck to the right.  No one knows exactly what happened to him but at some point in his past a traumatic injury had occurred to his neck.  

Recently he found a new owner, someone who picked him out of a field of horses, knowing there was something amiss and hoping she could help him.  

Are your horse’s clothes affecting your horse?

Ross Emmett has a wonderful lecture called “Is what you are wearing wearing you out?”.

He talks about how our clothes and jewellery affect our bodies; how eye glasses can make your neck tight, how laced up shoes can affect your balance, how the clips and fastenings on bras can affect shoulder discomfort and range of movement or how a bracelet or a watch can affect forearm strength.

It’s the same for horses, the clothes we make them wear can wear them out too.

In late January 2007 a friend of mine sent me a link to the RSPCA web site regarding some horse rescue in QLD.  The Burwood branch is just up the road from where I work so I idly clicked on the “Dog Adoptions Burwood” link and the rest is history as they say…

Yorick - from unsound, nervous horse to competitor

Yorick is a 15.3hh gelding, Cleveland Bay/Welsh Cob/TB x who I purchased as a 6 and a half year old. At that point, he hadn't done much in his life; he'd had a few homes but not a lot of work. 

It immediately became obvious all was not well as he had severe anxiety issues when handled, or saddled or ridden.