Emmett 4 Horses courses with Rebecca CooperRebecca conducts Emmett 4 Horses courses in Victoria, Australia and throughout New Zealand.

This course is suitable for equine therapists as well as horse owners who wish to work on their own horses to perform preventative care.

Emmett 4 Horses courses with Rebecca CooperThere are 5 levels to the Emmett 4 Horses course. Each level is held over 2 days and levels are run approximately 8-10 weeks apart.

There are no prerequisite courses you need to take before level one and the course is taught in such a way that it is easy to learn and enjoy.

Course outline - first module

Emmett 4 Horses courses with Rebecca CooperThe first module gives an introduction to the Emmett technique and its unique principles. It teaches 8 moves for horses and 2 for people.

The 8 horse moves will enable you to treat areas such as withers, shoulder, neck, loins and hamstrings as well as a move for the whole horse. These moves address a number of key areas and some of the more common reasons for pain and discomfort in your horse.

The 2 human moves are forearm and neck - great for those hard working equestrians who are always lifting and carrying for their horses. These 2 moves let you experience the Emmett technique for yourself and can be used to treat your family and friends.

Emmett 4 Horses courses with Rebecca CooperLevels 2 - 5 each begin with a review of what you've learned in the previous level and then teach a further 8 horse moves and 2 human moves.

The horse moves cover every part of the body and become increasingly specific as you move through the levels. Human moves focus on balance,  strength and flexibility for horse riders.

On completion of level 5, each therapist has the moves they need to treat the majority of problems they will encounter as well as the tools to work through more complex issues.

Following level 5, there is a one day Practitioner module, where the level 5 moves are revised and students are assessed and taken on the next step to become Emmett4Horses Practitioners. 

To find out where the next Emmett 4 Horses course is being held, contact me or check the Emmett course calendar for your area.

What people say

I am astounded at the fantastic results I saw on all of the horses we worked with. I look forward to practicing the corrections on my own horses and would highly recommend this course to all horse riders/owners.
- Sharon, Pakenham, Vic course.
The course was very enjoyable and friendly. I have learned a lot and the instructors are very helpful and knowledgeable. Had a great time and I can’t wait to put what I have learned into practice
- Leeanne, Whittlesea, Vic course
Brilliant course, thoroughly enjoyed it. Great information and instructor. Rebecca is very knowledgeable and explains things in a very clear, relatable manner
- Caroline, Taranaki NZ course
Amazing results!!
- Ingrid, Taranaki NZ course
Awesome training and some wonderful moves to try out on my horses and others
- Roni, Pakenham Vic course