Both Emmett Technique and Bowen Therapy are non-invasive, gentle therapies which treat pain and discomfort.


Emmett therapist for horses in Pakenham, MelbourneMore often than not, poor performance and 'temperament' issues are blamed on the horse's attitude - he must be 'pushed through' or 'made to do it'.

However, we find that pain and the inability to physically achieve what is asked is the cause of most issues. Soft tissue therapy for horses can be enormously beneficial in resolving physical and often behavioural problems.

  • Pain relief
  • Muscle spasm and strain (both recent and long term)
  • Muscle stiffness
  • Sinus and lymphatic drainage
  • General wellbeing and improved performance; particularly beneficial for show, competition, agility and working animals
  • Provides relief with degenerative conditions
  • Aids with rehabilitation and recovery after surgical procedures
  • Improvement with behavioural issues

Emmett therapist for horses in Pakenham, MelbourneFor riders, our balance can affect the horse that we ride.

If we are one-sided, out of balance, or ride with one shoulder or hip higher, or more forward, than the other then this can have a marked effect on the performance, gait or even the soundness of our horse.

Soft Tissue therapy for the horse rider can help to alleviate these issues, removing tension from the muscles, allowing our limbs to 'lengthen' and fall more naturally to each side of the horse, our backs to be straighter and more able to 'follow' the motion of the horse and our heads to sit symmetrically on our shoulders.

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Emmett therapist for horses in Pakenham, MelbourneWhen foaling has not gone smoothly and according to plan, soft tissue therapy can be a useful addition to veterinary care. As very gentle soft tissue treatments, the Emmett Technique and Bowen Therapy can be used on very young animals (foals and humans included!) and can help with:

  • Birth trauma (where the foal may have experienced soft tissue damage as the result of a traumatic delivery)
  • Inability to suckle on both sides of the mare (foals may have muscle or fascia tightness preventing them from turning their heads to one particular side in order to suckle)
  • Weakness or reluctance to stand or move
  • Contracted tendons (to support the balance of the foal’s soft tissue whist the foal is under veterinary care and has restricted movement)
  • ’Windswept’ foals
  • Assisting the prevention of long term muscular issues for the future riding horse
  • Assisting in the recovery of the mare as well, relieving muscle soreness and promoting healthy circulation and reducing oedema.

ReQuest Soft Tissue Therapies has been working on a number of foals, perhaps we can help yours?

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Dogs and other small animals

Bowen and Emmett therapy for dogs - Rebecca Cooper, Emmett & Bowen therapistBowen and Emmett therapy for dogs - Rebecca Cooper, Emmett & Bowen therapistOur companion animals benefit from soft tissue therapy too.

It can help with conditions such as muscle strain, injuries and recovery from surgery, relief from pain and stiffness resulting from degenerative conditions such as arthritis.

The performance of show and agility dogs can also be enhanced by soft tissue therapy, as it assists with their range of movement and balance.

Emmett and Bowen therapist for dogs in Pakenham, MelbourneMy dog Gemma's life was immeasurably improved by the application of Emmett Technique and Bowen Therapy and I love helping others with the same or similar stories.

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