Both EMMETT Technique® and Bowen Therapy are non-invasive, gentle therapies which treat pain and discomfort.

Rather than working on one specific area, we treat the body as a whole. It’s not just about the symptom, the one area of pain, it’s a search for and treatment of the cause of the issue.

Sometimes, the cause of the problem is some distance away from the location of the pain itself. As Ross Emmett says "The child doing the screaming is not the child doing the pinching".

Bowen therapyTreatments offer relief from:

  • Pain and discomfort
  • Muscle spasm and strain (both recent and long term)
  • Muscle stiffness
  • Sinus and lymphatic drainage
  • General wellbeing and improved range of movement
  • Provides relief with degenerative conditions

Often a series of treatments will consistently create long lasting healing and pain relief and enhance and improve strength, balance, agility and range of movement. Not only do we treat to reduce physical pain but a treatment may also reduce stress and anxiety levels or conditions such as depression.

What happens during a treatment?

Your first treatment will be a slightly longer treatment; a medical history will be taken and we will assess any structural or muscular dysfunction as well as discuss how we may help you.

The first appointment will take about 1 hour. Subsequent treatments are between 30 and 45 mins.

After care

What happens after you leave? After a treatment many things can be experienced; you may feel tired, relaxed - often sleeping very well the night after. Or, some people feel the opposite, energised and invigorated!

What should you do after a treatment?

  • drink plenty of water - number one and very important
  • don’t sit for too long on the day of treatment (plenty of short walks on a level surface if possible)
  • avoid really hot showers or bathing and heat or cold packs for 24 hrs after treatment (heat or cold can dehydrate the fascia, which can lessen the effects of the treatment)
  • avoid strenuous activity for 24 hours and even if you feel much better, gradually build up to your usual activity levels
  • do phone if you have any questions

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