Yorick is a 15.3hh gelding, Cleveland Bay/Welsh Cob/TB x who I purchased as a 6 and a half year old. At that point, he hadn't done much in his life; he'd had a few homes but not a lot of work. 

It immediately became obvious all was not well as he had severe anxiety issues when handled, or saddled or ridden.

Was it a saddle problem? Multiple fitters were used and many different saddles purchased.

Every angle was looked at and many types of bodywork and different training methods used. He would be OK for a short time but issues would start up again.

Yorick - an Emmett 4 Horses success storyThe Vet diagnosis was an issue in the lumbar spine (the part of the spine between the last rib and the sacrum). Even after time off he was still sore so it was not anything paddock rest would fix.

So, he was retired at 12 years old and turned out in a paddock.

The moment it all changed

18 months later and I attended an Emmett course for people. On this course we learned (among others) the Psoas correction and the Illiacus correction.

It was a light bulb moment for me and I knew immediately that these were the two corrections my horse needed. I treated him and worked him in hand for about 3 weeks, then started to ride him again.

In the beginning I treated him frequently, then the treatments became fewer and less intensive and more time passed between each one.


With the pain gone, he was able to work correctly through his back and the muscles built up around the damaged area.

Now as a 17 year old he is not only still in work, relaxed and happy but I have been able to ride him at many clinics and lesson days. His anxiety has improved and he is fit and well.